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Inspired by building traditions that shaped the masterpieces of British architecture over centuries, we don’t just build beautiful homes, we make memories for generations.



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How We Work

Obsessed by detail

A Stately Home is, and always should be, inspired by building traditions that define British Architecture, making it adored the world over. Our crafts people, at every stage of the project, obsessively look to traditional influence whilst implementing the latest technology and regulation. Combining these two principles is what feeds our ambition. It’s also the greatest factor in our success.

Integrity & Craftsmanship

We don’t just build beautiful homes, we make memories for generations. Uniquely tailored to your personal taste and vision, every Stately Home is a bespoke build. We combine extensive knowledge of materials with a clear understanding of the science that allows them to coexist. A Stately Home is built to represent architectural excellence that defines an era.

Pioneering post-modern design

Stately Homes all share a refreshing postmodern aesthetic, optimised for modern family living. These are innovative, awe-inspiring spaces that embrace traditional style without ever sacrificing function or rigorous design principles. Stately Homes are spectacularly impressive residences designed to be lived in, not just looked at.

Tailor made

Stately Homes are tailor made and deeply personalised, down to the very last detail. Each of these uniquely named homes was influenced by one of Surrey’s great authors, including Jane Austen and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and they’re personally project managed from the initial floor plans all the way to the home’s completion. Our industry-leading warranties ensure that Stately homes are continually able to do what they do best – inspire.

About Us

Hand made in England, a global architectural role model

With our founding ideas inspired by the beautiful homes nestled in the various private estates of Surrey, England, we have since seen interest in our beautiful county appeal on a global level.

A unique service

Stately Homes provide what so many other developers cannot: a personal relationship with clients. We seek to cater to people’s highly individualised estate needs dispensing advice, wisdom, philosophy and culture with the discretion and confidentiality clients need.

  • Land acquisition services
  • Planning consultancy
  • Conceptual interior design
  • Environmental landscaping
  • Material sourcing expertise
  • Security consulting
  • Automation technology
  • Smart home technology
  • Unique feature acquisition
  • Project management
  • Commercial planning
  • World-wide estate management

People and Partnerships

Share our vision

The Stately Homes leadership team cover the full lifecycle of contemporary living but from a traditional ’Stately’ foundation. From the acquisition of land, to walking you through the front door, our team ensure an impeccable service every step of the way, but we can’t do this without our exceptional collaborations.

CSR & the environment

Stately Homes have a unique understanding of how architecture can influence the health of the planet. We’re profoundly committed to sustainable design in each and everything we do.  As such, we’re always analysing the environmental footprint of our actions. Each and every Stately Home is guided by the same powerful environmental principles.


Stately Homes aren’t just part of communities. They build meaningful relationships with them. Our people care about community needs and resources. We’re always looking to support charities in the surrounding neighbourhood. It’s what makes neighbourhoods stronger – and the people who live in them, too.


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